current projects

The City of Socorro is currently in the process of completing its first capital improvement program with over 1 Million dollars being invested into the City’s State Antiquities Landmark: Rio Vista!

The Rio Vista Complex is a 16 mixed material building complex who’s most historical significance is for the home to the Bracero Program! One of five processing sires, and the last remaining complex, Rio Vista has a long and rich past with bi-nationally significant history. Through the assistance of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Texas Historical Commission the Rio Vista Center is poised to house the City’s first public library, economic development incubator, conference space, and health & wellness retreat.

phase one

Phase one began in 2015 with emergency stabilization and minor rehabilitation being conducted on the operable buildings which it concluded in 2018.

phase two

In 2019 Phase 2 began with the awarding of planning and design services to Treanor HL to begin with the uninhabited and previously inoperable buildings in the back. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was put on hold for most of 2020. Recently the city returned to work on the project with Treanor HL staying on the project. This phase of work will entail planning and construction documents which will then lead onto phase 3 of the project: construction. Phase 2 is set to wrap up in 2022

The City through the awarding of a federal grant from the National Park Service, the City of Socorro with the help from Front Range, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Texas A&M are in the process of applying for National Historic Landmark designation from the federal government by way of the Secretary of the Interior. This designation would elevate the current State Antiquities Landmark, to that of: Alcatraz Island, the Empire State Building, and the Alamo. Work is set to finish in 2021 with the application being submitted and up for review in July of 2021.

The online film” Harvest of Loneliness depicts a snippet of the rich history of the site.
You can also check out the Rio Vista Guidebook’ a product of the collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the University of Texas at El Paso, and the City of Socorro.

Rio Vista Virtual tour

Dive into our Historic site through this virtual tour: Click Here

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